Exclusive Live Event On Exactly How To Write Your Very Own Book!

Join Caleb Jones live as he shares all the tips, tricks and secrets you need to know to write your very own best selling book to help you build an audience, get known, and become an authority!

Saturday, 22 August 2020,  at 1:30 pm Pacific Time


What We Will Cover In The Event...


Have you ever wanted to write a non-fiction book to sell — print book, small book, long book, or ebook?


I’ve written eight non-fiction books, all of which have sold thousands of copies. Two of those would have been considered best-sellers if they had been traditionally published!


On Saturday, August 22 at 1:30 p.m. PST, I will do a live online training called How To Write A Book in which I will show you step by step how to write a book in the fastest way possible while still keeping it readable and marketable. Topics I will cover include:

  • How to choose topics that resonate with readers

  • How to organize your thoughts into something coherent, structured, and readable

  • How to actually write the book, step by step, using a number of drafts, each one with its own purpose

  • How to get help writing, proofreading, typesetting, publishing, and doing the cover art

  • How to self-publish the ebook on Amazon Kindle

  • How to self-publish the print version (if that’s what you want)

  • How to navigate issues such as ISBNs and copyright issues

  • And much more

The seminar will last approximately one hour, after which I will answer all the questions you have during the live Q&A. When the seminar is over, you will be sent a download link to the video of the entire webinar even if you didn’t actually attend the live version. You’ll also be sent the one-page bulleted notes from the seminar in PDF format.


You get all that for just $47 (SMIC members receive a 25% discount, as usual).


Click below to reserve your spot. You must register before August 22!