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K.U. Says...

SMIC Member

"Before investing in Caleb’s coaching, I was unemployed, in-debt, and broke. Six months later, with no previous sales experience, I am one of the top 10 in sales for my company after generating $45,000 in profit. I am now on my way to being debt free as my earnings increase as a result of implementing Caleb’s strategy for success."

Y.G. Says...

SMIC Member


If you want to improve your financial and women life, don’t look further. The SMIC is one of the best program to join.


With the help of Caleb and the members, I managed to get out of a long term relationship which was going nowhere and starting an amazing relationship with my 2 years old son. Just for that I can’t thank Caleb and the crew enough.


In a year, I travelled to three different continents meeting very attractive and fun women. I am very happy with my women life at the moment, doing things I would never imagine possible.


In terms of money, as a sales person I managed to hit my first six figures bonus implementing Caleb’s advice this year. I am starting my first Alpha 2.0 business plus getting out of the corporate world as I will become a cyber security consultant in 2020.


If you want to find your exciting purpose, hitting your goals and live an amazing life: join the group, best investment for yourself!"

Chris Says...

SMIC Member

"I’ve found the SMIC program, and especially the podcasts and 1:1 monthly coaching with Caleb to be extremely useful. You get out of it what you put in to it, and for me my initial focus was on getting better with women, having just got out of a long term relationship with lots of drama. I found Blackdragon’s books very useful, but I also realized I’m come up the learning curve much quicker with specific, tailored coaching, and this was exactly what I got with the SMIC. I went from have moderate success on my dates but not really be in control of the process to frankly having mastered the process where my friends now come to me for dating advice. I’m 44 and I date all the younger women I want, including a 21 year old I’ve been seeing 2 years and a 22 year old I’ve been seeing a year. As I got my woman life sorted, Caleb was also able to help be start up a location independent consulting business, and I’ve gone from startup to my first revenue in 9 months. I’d recommend the SMIC to any man who’s serious about making improvements to his dating life and/or his entrepreneurial life."

James W. Says...

SMIC Member

"I’ve been reading Blackdragon’s articles and forum posts since 2011. His relationship lifestyle (dating multiple women simultaneously) is one that I’ve been looking to emulate, with mixed results, since I bought his online dating eBook way back then.


I love to read, and since 2011 I got a bit overwhelmed with all the information out there, without a goal in mind and trying new things with little success, considering the efforts I was going to. Blackdragon’s mentorship helped me focus on what I need to do to reach my goals, both relationship and business. I believe that I would have have eventually taught myself the advice Blackdragon gave me, but his knowledge and experience have accelerated my understanding to the point where I didn’t have any doubts about how to deal with the issues I was having previously.


I believe that in two or three months, I will have earned the cost of the consultation back in time and money saved from the expensive but ultimately fruitless dates I used to go on."

A.M. Says...

SMIC Member

"Caleb’s material has resonated with me since I first read his Blackdragon articles. Caleb offers a practical and pragmatic goal-oriented approach to life.


The SMIC program is a vault of knowledge and resources. Between the podcasts and past teleconferences, Caleb offers valuable insights into a vast array of business and seduction subjects with real performance metrics. I also enjoy the hot-sheets and Caleb’s active no-nonsense attitude in the community forums.


Since joining the SMIC program I find always have a logical advisor on my shoulder. Mainstream media and even other “Red-Pill” personalities constantly barrage you with unqualified opinions, Disney nonsense and other sheer stupidity. For me, the SMIC program is something I come back to often for a refreshing dose of actual reality."

Daniel M. Says...

SMIC Member

"Thank you for putting such an incredibly valuable body of work out there. I really respect and admire what you do and the positive impact that you have on the lives of men around the world, especially given your emphasis on overcoming negative and anti-masculine social programming; which, I think, is a crucial element to the mental health of the modern man. I will definitely be re-joining your SMIC program in a few months once a few business ideas that I have been inspired by your podcasts to take action on have picked up steam and I can afford the overhead. 


In the last few weeks alone acting on your podcasts and direct advice I have produced three separate saleable products for specific marketing issues, created one sales funnel and I’m in the process of creating two more - and - made enough profits from them in the first week to break even on hosting costs and storefront fees already. Any money they bring in from here on out is pure profit for me.  Your clear and precise bonus videos in the SMIC as well as the SMIC podcasts on how to start your own business and creating product channels have proven to be the missing link and what I’ve been struggling through for years now, and they have been critical to my recent successes."


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