• Techniques on exactly where and how to meet women while you're still married.

  • Proven methods on how and when to reveal to new women that you're married, and how to keep these women wanting you anyway.

  • The dating methods best suited for men looking for "side women."

  • The six cardinal relationship rules guaranteed to get your wife or live-in girlfriend to stay married to you while you’re seeing other women with minimal drama.

  • 10 clever locations of where to have sex with women on the side if your own home is not an option.

  • How to pinpoint the types of women best suited for seeing on the side when you're a married man. (As well as the types you should avoid!)

  • How to legally and financially protect yourself in any marriage.

  • Exactly how to answer the tough questions during the relationship about other women, with some exact scripts on what to say and how to say it.

  • How to handle social situations with the women in your life.

  • How to handle objections you may get from your wife during the conversion process. Over 14 common objections are covered, including exactly what to do and say in response.

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to best establish the "ground rules" with your wife regarding your new sexually open marriage.

  • An entire chapter on jealousy management; how to reduce, control, manage, and perhaps even eliminate your jealousy with seven specific techniques on exactly how to do it.

  • Techniques on how to manage and spend money in your marriage for minimal conflict. The number one thing co-habiting couples argue about is money!

  • How to change you from that boring husband to an amazing Alpha Male who turns his wife ON!

  • How to use tools such as social media to keep women in your life for many years.

  • How to modify your dating efforts to find "side women" while still married.

  • How to deal with any objections from women on the side when the issue of your marriage comes up.

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