"New Book Reveals How To Date One Woman But Sleep With Many - Without Cheating! 


  • A simple to follow, step-by-step system on how to get any type of woman, even normal, girl-next-door-types, to date long-term while you are sleeping with other women and not lying about it. No “screening” for certain types of women are necessary.

  • How to structure a lifestyle where you can have sex literally whenever you want without having to “date,” constantly pick-up girls, pay hookers, move in with a woman, or promise monogamy.

  • How to date any number or any "configuration" of women that you want.

  • How to start off a relationship correctly, so you have minimal relationship drama or demands from her, starting at day one.

  • A huge and detailed analysis on the three types of oneitis, what they are, and how to manage and avoid them. This is the most detailed, comprehensive analysis regarding oneitis and how to avoid it that I have ever written.

  • The nine cardinal relationship rules guaranteed to get her to see you while you’re seeing other women with minimal drama. These nine rules are the foundation for everything else.

  • The four phases of exactly how to take a “normal” woman who’s never had a nonmonogamous relationship and bring her into one with you.

  • How to keep women coming back to you even if they leave you for another guy. With the techniques in this book, they will always come back to you (or at least 94% of the time).

  • How to effectively deal with betaization, EFA, relationship ASD and Disney.

  • Exactly how to answer the tough questions during the relationship about other women, with some exact scripts on what to say and how to say it.

  • How to handle social situations with the women in your life.

  • Specific techniques on how to be good in bed and bring a woman to orgasm. This is the most detailed description of sexual techniques I have ever written.

  • The most detailed analysis and how-to description of soft nexting I’ve ever written; better than you’ll find anywhere else, and completely updated.

  • Exactly when and when not to spend money in the relationship, as well as techniques on how to save money.

  • An entire chapter on OLTR management with specific techniques and mindsets unique to that kind of relationship.

  • How to use tools such as social media to keep women in your life for many years.

  • How to deal with a woman’s “relationship rules” if she ever tries to give you any (and she probably will!).

  • Pages of specific techniques on how to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STDs; this is the most detailed analysis I’ve ever written on the subject. I go through literally every STD or common sexual infection, how it spreads, and how to avoid it.

  • Two chapters on long-term roster management; I describe exactly how to manage the coming and going of a large number of women to keep you happy for ten years or longer.

  • And much more!

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