Learn The Secrets On How To Create A High-Income, Low-Work, Completely Location-Independent Small Business


From the desk of Caleb Jones.

Portland, OR.

Dear Friend,


You don’t make enough money!


That sucks!


Or maybe you make enough money but you make it in a way where you’re stuck in one location in order to make that money.


Maybe you have a soul-sucking corporate job.


Maybe you have a tedious, traditional business that is location-dependent, forever handcuffing you to one location in order to pay your bills.


That sucks too!


Let’s fix that!


Let’s get you making a solid income from your very own business that is totally location-independent.


Imagine making good money from anywhere in the world.


You could live wherever you want, travel wherever and whenever you wanted, and still make more than enough money to support your lifestyle.


No employees. No equipment. No paperwork. A laptop would be all you'd need.


Wouldn't that be nice?


Even better, what if this business didn’t take long hours to build or maintain?


What if you could maintain a solid, location-independent income working less than 30 hours a week?


This is how the Alpha 2.0 business structure is different from just about any other type of business.


Your Alpha 2.0 business allows you to:

  • Make at least $75,000 per year or more.
  • Work only 15 to 30 hours per week to maintain your income.
  • Spend time literally anywhere in the world – live wherever you want, travel wherever you want, for as long as you want!
  • Experience minimum hassle and overhead.
  • Have no employees.
  • Get cash every week from multiple, diversified markets and income streams, making your income very secure and near recession-proof.
  • Start your business for zero dollars (or very close to it) if you don’t want to spend any money to get started.

I have done this, as have thousands of people all over the world.


I have completely location-independent income, own three small companies, make a strong six-figure income, and I only need to work 15 hours per week (that’s not a typo: 15 hours per week!) to maintain this income. (I work more hours than that, but only because I choose to. I have big goals and I love to work!)


I have been self-employed for over 20 years, started multiple companies (all of which have been profitable ) and have worked with literally hundreds of companies large and small, in scores of industries as a business consultant.


After doing numerous business seminars and workshops all over the world, I finally decided to expand my usual business seminar in a full-blown video course with even more material and content than my seminars.


People from all over the world have built their own Alpha 2.0 businesses, and you can too. This video course will show you step-by-step exactly how to do it, even if you’ve never owned your own business and are a complete beginner.

What You Will Learn


In this quick and easy book, you will learn the entire process of building your profitable Alpha 2.0 business from scratch. Here are the chapters:

  • Chapter 1: High Location-Independent Income on Just a Few Hours a Week
  • Chapter 2: What An Alpha 2.0 Business Will Do For You
  • Chapter 3: The Alpha 2.0 Business Structure
  • Chapter 4: Laying Out Your Business Plan
  • Chapter 5: Alpha 2.0 Business Requirements
  • Chapter 6: Setting Up Passive Income
  • Chapter 7: It’s About The Niche, Not The Widget
  • Chapter 8: Determining What To Sell
  • Chapter 9: Marketing
  • Chapter 10: Types Of Marketing
  • Chapter 11: Building An Online Business
  • Chapter 12: Building an Offline Alpha 2.0 Business
  • Chapter 13: Removing Yourself From The Flow Of Work
  • Chapter 14: Optimizing Your Income

What You Get

  • The digital version of the book in PDF, EPUB and Kindle formats, compatible with any digital reader or software.
  • Optional - The unabridged audiobook. For just a little more, you can also get the unabridged audiobook, which is 6.5 hours long, in standard MP3 format.


Extra Free Bonuses!


If you get the book this weekend before this Sunday night (July 12th, 2020) at midnight PST, you’ll also get the following three FREE bonuses. (You will not get any of these if you order the book past this Sunday night!)


1. Alpha 2.0 Business Planning Worksheets– A set of Excel worksheet I’ve configured specifically for this book so you can plan out all the key aspects of your Alpha 2.0 business.


2. All three digital versions of my personal success book Sampson and the Wizard. It’s a business/success book but told from the fantasy perspective of a young man apprenticing with a wizard. I’ve had several guys tell me it’s literally the best self-help book they’ve ever read. You get the PDF, EPUB, and Kindle versions, free.


3. Getting Started With Your Alpha 2.0 Business Audio Training – This is an audio lesson I recorded just for this book that will help you get started with your first Alpha 2.0 business. I go over the 9 steps on exactly how to get started.


Absolute Rock-Solid No-Questions-Asked LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee

If you at all dissatisfied at any time with the book, I will refund all of your money, any time, no questions asked. There is no expiration on this guarantee.

I have no problem offering this kind of amazing guarantee. Why?


My books and courses have been selling regularly since 2009. Men from all over the world have emailed me their success stories. I know for a fact these techniques work. They'll work for you too.


Because of this no questions asked money back guarantee, there is no risk to you ordering this right now.

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