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Meet and network with other Alpha Male 2.0s in your local area and around the world.

Meeting, befriending, and networking with other Alpha Male 2.0 men, all joined in a brotherhood to push each other to be better and to accomplish individual goals is what the Alpha 2.0 Society is all about.

The Alpha 2.0 Society is a world-wide network of men who are living or seeking the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle, the freest lifestyle available to the modern man. There is nothing else like it, because there is nothing else quite like the Alpha Male 2.0.

As part of the Alpha 2.0 Society, you will have regular meetings with other like-minded men in your local area. These meetings will be online or in real life, depending on the current lockdown laws in your local region. It’s a place where you can make friends, network, mastermind, support, and learn from other men in your local city who are living or seeking the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle.

Since most men can’t or won’t become Alpha Male 2.0, membership in the Alpha 2.0 Society is not for everyone. It’s only for men who are serious about living and improving their Alpha 2.0 lives.


As a member of the Society, you will receive the following:


- Exclusive membership in your local Alpha 2.0 Society chapter. This is usually the city where you live. If you live in a more rural area, this will be your local region.


- Meetings with men in your local chapter once a month. These can be in-person or online, whatever your group decides and based on the local laws in your city. There will be a specific agenda for each meeting designed to help move you to the next level in your Alpha Male 2.0 growth. Business, women, personal development, and other topics will be covered. These meetings will be conducted by the Chapter Spearhead, who will manage your chapter and chair the meetings. (More info below if you would like to become the Spearhead for your chapter.)


- Extra, more casual meetings if men in your chapter decide to meet more often.


- A new member packet. You will receive this from your Spearhead once you are accepted into the Society.


- An online Society-wide meeting, with Caleb, once a quarter where we cover the newest content, techniques, problems, and solutions.


- An annual, live, in-person meetup for the entire Society. The location of this annual meeting will be rotated around the Western world (North America, Canada, etc.) so it includes everyone. If attendance is high enough, Caleb will attend.


- Once the Society gains enough total members, Caleb will start doing sporadic, members-only training webinars.


- Badges and rewards for accomplishing certain benchmarks in your business or woman life.


- Membership in a chapter-only subforum at the Alpha Male 2.0 forums that only men in your chapter can access.

- Membership in a members-only Facebook group for networking and advice.


Requirements to Join

As stated above, the Alpha 2.0 Society is not for everyone. If we allowed random people to join, the Society would suffer. We are going to ensure that 100% of men who join the Society are:

  • Positive people. Guys who like being angry about everything need not apply.
  • Serious about building their Alpha 2.0 life. Men who are bored, lazy or mildly curious need not apply.
  • Not weirdos. Unpleasant crazies are not welcome and will be booted from the program.

Therefore, there are specific requirements and a qualification process to join. Here is the process:

Step 1: You pay the annual nonrefundable membership fee. Membership is only $7 a month to keep it financially accessible to any man living in any country. (We were going to make this program free but decided it was best to charge a little to help screen out men who weren’t serious.) The fee is payable in one annual payment, billed annually. Unless you don't make it through the enrollment process (in which case your payment will be refunded in full), once you are in the program that annual payment is nonrefundable for any reason, even if you are removed from the program before your year is up (and if you have a problem with that, you do not qualify for membership).

Step 2: Fill out an online form with questions to determine your goals.

Step 3: Having a brief, 5-minute phone/Skype/Zoom call with your local chapter Spearhead.

Step 4: If your membership is denied (we reserve the right to deny membership to anyone for any reason), you will be refunded your membership fee immediately. Don’t worry; if you’re a positive guy who isn’t crazy and is eager to accomplish your goals and meet like-minded men, you’ll be accepted. When this happens, you will sign (via DocuSign) the terms of service and a code of conduct, and then your account will be set up on all relevant websites.

Step 5: Your Spearhead will provide you with your new member packet. You’re a member of the Alpha 2.0 Society and get all the benefits listed above!

The Alpha 2.0 Society is the best way to meet and network with other Alpha Male 2.0s in your region, as well as all over the world. 

The Western world is entering into a dark era. This is the best time to form a group of men in your life you can assist, learn from, rely upon, and befriend.


Enrollment is now open!

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