Earn More Work Less: Build Your Team

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From the desk of Caleb Jones.

Portland, OR.

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Every time I do an online seminar regarding a specific how-to topic (usually about 90-120 minutes long), we save the video from it, have the entire seminar professionally transcribed into a PDF, and create an audio version as well as a standard MP3 file.

Now, for the first time, you can get your hands on these “mini-courses” for very cheap. Whenever you get a mini-course, you always receive these four items:


1. The full video recording of the seminar, including the Q&A at the end.


2. The full audio version of the seminar in a standard MP3 file, playable on any device or software, if you prefer to listen.


3. The full transcript of the entire seminar in an easy-to-read PDF file, if you prefer to read.


4. The one-page “cheat sheet” for the seminar in PDF format.

Earn More Work Less: Build Your Team


There is only so much money you can make doing it all yourself. When you’re doing ALL the work in your business, you stress out, work long hours, and most importantly, you’ve capped your income so you can’t make any more.


There’s a much better way. You can outsource some (or even most!) of your tasks so you can 100% focus on the work that makes you more money. This way, you can increase your income while working fewer hours.

In this mini-course Earn More Work Less: Build Your Team you will learn proven, field-tested, step-by-step techniques on how to determine what to outsource, how to find people to help you, how to hire them and manage them so you can finally start working on those tasks that you enjoy the most and that make you the most money.










Here’s Everything You Get



​The mini-course Earn More Work Less: Build Your Team includes the following items, all of which you get instantly as soon as you order:


- 2-hour long video course with me and my Chief of Staff going over the entire process, plus a full recorded Q&A where we answer lots of questions

- The audio version of the above in standard MP3 format, playable on any device

- The PDF transcript of the entire course.

- The one-sheet PDF of the notes for the mini-course













Absolute Rock-Solid No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase any Mini-Course and are at all dissatisfied, I will refund all of your money up to 58 days after your purchase, no questions asked.


I have no problem offering a guarantee that lasts this long. Why?


My books and courses have been selling regularly since 2009. Men from all over the world have emailed me their success stories. I know for a fact these techniques work. They'll work for you too.


Because of this guarantee, there is no risk of you ordering this right now.



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