A Different Way To Date Online...

  • What to say in your messages to bring women to a real-life date as quickly as possible.

  • Extensively tested do's and don'ts for setting up your profile to maximize the odds of women messaging you.

  • Exactly how to ask her for the date, and what to say that has the highest odds of making her say YES!

  • What to say and not say during text conversations so you don't blow it.

  • How to reduce the costs of your first dates to zero or close to it.

  • Extensively tested and proven techniques for having the best photos on your profile to pull the maximum number of women.

  • Exactly how to handle texting and phone contact pre-first date and between the first and second dates.

  • How to reduce the odds of her flaking on you.

  • The pros and cons of all the top dating apps, both free and paid.

  • How to plan the first date for the highest odds of it "going somewhere."

  • How to avoid gold diggers and other types of women likely to avoid having sex with you.

  • An entire chapter on photo techniques, including specific ways you can increase response by using the best possible photos in your profile.

  • How to do "social media game," using social media apps like Instagram and Facebook to date women online.

  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes guys make with online dating that murder their chances of getting dates.

  • An entire chapter on sugar daddy game. 

  • And much more!

  • The book in all three digital formats: PDF, EPUB, and Kindle / MOBI


  • Online Dating Photo Techniques Report - A special report on extra photo techniques written by a photographer


  • Poses Archive - 21 images of how you can pose in online dating photos that will increase match and response rates


  • Online Dating Tracking Spreadsheets  - Spreadsheet templates to help you track the women you're talking to


  • Supplemental Audio Training - A 30-minute podcast on some extra techniques not in the book


  • Nine More Example Profiles - 9 more example profile texts not in the book proven to work


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